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Axure Rp 8 License Keyl

Open the license email you received from Axure to see which kind of license you have. This will determine which option you will select in the Manage License dialog to activate Axure RP.

Axure Rp 8 License Keyl

If you have an annual subscription, and if Axure RP is not able to connect to our servers to authenticate your subscription, the manager of your subscription can send you an offline license key in the Axure License Portal.

Once the manager logs in to the portal, select the Gear icon in the row of your subscription, and then select Send Offline Key in the context menu. This action will send an email with the offline license information to the assigned user of the subscription. From there, use the steps in the section below to activate your offline license key.

License keys are activated by entering your licensing information into the License Key dialog in Axure RP. To locate the License Key dialog and activate your license key, follow the steps below:

If you purchased a subscription via a purchase order or invoice, certain actions such as transferring ownership, changing the billing term, or changing the product edition will need to be handled by our sales operations team. Please contact for assistance.

This guide will walk you through installing Axure RP on Windows systems. If you run into any trouble attempting to install or launch the application, please see the troubleshooting guide below or email us at

Most customers will be able to install Axure RP with the general installer, which is available for download at After downloading the installer, launch it and follow the onscreen prompts.

For silent activation, a shared activation key is required and can be requested from Shared activation keys are included with educational subscriptions to be used for classroom computer labs. They are also provided to organizations with 15 or more subscriptions.

The current version of the software "Axure RP 10" is available as a subscription. Perpetual licenses are supported, but no longer offered. There are three versions: Pro, Team and Enterprise. The Pro product is available for free to students and teachers, and with discounts to educational institutions.[3] The Team version adds documentation features, including layout control, output to Microsoft Word and Excel, and support for team projects.[4]

If you haven't already done so, log in to and accept the shared workspace invitation that the creator of the project sent you. You will not be able to access the team project until you have done this.

Axure RP 9 Pro offers three subscription and three perpetual license plans: Pro, Team, and Enterprise. Each subscription plan has a 30-day free trial and the option to pay monthly for each user. Perpetual license plans are based on a one-time payment per user.

Pro: This is the cheapest option at $29 per month per user to subscribe and $495 per user for a perpetual license. It includes access to unlimited prototypes, unlimited reviewers, 1,000 projects on Cloud, advanced prototyping, and wireframes, diagrams, and documentation.

Team: At $49 per month per user to subscribe and $895 per user for a perpetual license, it includes all of the features of RP 9 Pro and co-authoring, revision history, and team project hosting on Cloud.

Enterprise: Users who want to subscribe or purchase a perpetual license must contact Axure for security and licensing options. It includes everything in RP 9 Team, plus unlimited projects, user management and single sign-on, company domain for internal member use, and private or on-premise security.

This was a challenge for me when I started out in Axure. Eager to learn and master the software, I installed Axure on several machines trying my best to extend my trial period. When the software became indispensable to my job, I eventually bought the Axure Standard RP license. I was only able to do so because the agency I was working for desperately required the deliverables produced by Axure.

This was something I discovered after using Axure for a couple of months. Users can request free licenses from Axure if you are a student or a teacher. There are more than 30,000 licenses that have been provided to students, teachers, and classrooms around the world by Axure.


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