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Best Place To Buy Fitted Suits

To help you find the right suit for your needs, we've compiled the top 20 best places to buy a suit that will not only look fantastic, but that you'll also enjoy wearing. We're giving you the best options for price, styles, and perks that come with shopping at these stores. That way, you'll look good and feel great while partying the night away at the next wedding you're invited to.

best place to buy fitted suits

MTailor was featured on Shark Tank in 2013 and although it wasn't as successful on getting funded on the TV show, it's gone on to become a multi-million dollar business all on its own. MTailor creates a custom suit from your measurements at home with a twist: You'll use an app to take pictures of yourself in your best-fitted clothing, and MTailor will do the rest. The company boldly claims their app is 20% more accurate than a tailor. Suits range between $399 and $799, and countless 5-star reviews from satisfied customers mean these suits might be the most no-brainer purchase you've ever made.

Men's Wearhouse has been the go-to place for many when they need to snatch up a suit for the next big event, and it still holds out as one of the top places to buy a suit. Not only is Men's Wearhouse affordable, they have a variety of styles: tuxedos, slim fit, patterned suits, and some of the top suit makers in the world. Men's Wearhouse also offers in-person alteration and same-day hemming, so if you find a suit you love but isn't quite the right fit, Men's Wearhouse will take care of it for you.

Indochino prides itself on making suits custom to order. Their suit catalog ranges between $319 and $549 with linen and wool blends, cashmere, and cotton-spandex. Indochino has showrooms all over the country, and you have the option of getting measured and fitted in person. However, their online customization is extremely detailed down to the button color and shoulder type. Reviewers note that Indochino alterations can be hit or miss, and it's also important to keep in mind that they don't give refunds unless the quality is not up to expectation.

While you won't find Armani at Asos, they have some decent, inexpensive suits in a pinch. Ideally, you'll buy a size that you can get tailored, but if not, they have a wide range of sizes between 0 and 52. Asos is one of the only places we noticed an array of eye-catching suits, so if a bold and in-your-face style is up your alley, take a look.

Jos A. Bank has a variety of suits for reasonable prices. Their suits are very classic, including slim-fit tuxedos and executive collection suits. With solid prices (ranging between $250 and $600 for a full suit) and quick, free shipping of only 1-2 days out from your order, Jos A. Bank is a great place to find that quintessential look that you'll always be able to wear once you have it tailored to your taste.

Banana Republic has some of the more unique styles in suits you might not be able to find anywhere else. Although you won't be able to get a custom-fitted suit, they have floral designs, expedition-style suits, and beautiful cotton plaid. If you're looking for a high-quality showstopper, Banana Republic has beautiful products for your choosing.

Nordstrom Rack has tons of suits from brands such as Calvin Klein, Ted Baker London, and Tommy Hilfiger, and also its own line of suits. Nordstrom has full suits for reasonably low prices and many pieces that are on sale. And, best of all, you can go to Nordstrom Rack in person to get fitted alterations and repairs, including hemming and side adjustments.

While we don't necessarily recommend you shop at Belk for your wedding attire, their suits are best for the yearly Christmas party or costume party. Their suits go as low as $28, and go up to $495 with a handful for Lauren Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein suits. However, the higher-quality suits have extremely limited sizing, and you might be able to find those brands elsewhere on this list.

When I first started the blog, my goal was to reach out to people and share interesting stuff I thought the average person would enjoy. I thought that people wanted more affordable suits, so I wanted to talk about a place that I think is ground zero for that, which is Hoi An, Vietnam, where I was.

Savile Row Company specialises in suits with all the trimmings, from super-smart shirting to silk ties and suit-friendly socks. Its made-to-measure suit service takes place at its bespoke store at 40 Savile Row, where the long-established third-generation family business' team of expert tailors cans marry an elegant design with a perfect fit, with prices starting at 995 for a full suit.

One of Navin's many taglines states "Your image is our concern," and their previous clientele and your shopping experience with them will prove just that. Navin's Custom Clothiers brings the best of London's Saville Row to Nothern California not only through design, but through experience. With literally thousands of suits made over the span of four decades, Peter Navin brings an eye for design and experience. If James Bond had chosen a tailor for himself, Navin would definitely be the one. Consider how earlier last year Tom Mulhall, custodian of an Aston Martin from the actual Bond films and a Bond enthusiast, recreated a famous scene from a Bond film and used Navin's Custom Tailor's as his go-to for suits.

Look up places to get your tailored suits to fit better or to buy a new tailored suit altogether in Northern California and time and time again, Mike's Tailoring and Clothing pops up, for good reason. Serving the greater Sacramento area for the better part of 45 years, Mike Matsoveich has both the experience and the intuition to make you look great. After all, a couple of former politicians (Ronald Reagan and Governor Jerry Brown) deferred to his expertise when they needed suits made. If a neat and clean suit with a classic feel is what you're looking for, Mike's your guy.

S. Benson & Co. has earned a reputation over the years in Sacramento for exquisite tailored clothing, from shirts to suits, for men with an attention to detail. It's a common occurrence in Sacramento for many people searching for a suit to be dissatisfied with what they find in Nordstroms, and instead they head over to S. Benson & Co. Only the best materials are chosen with shirts by Skip Gambert and Suits by Coppley. And with a new, updated location, your shopping experience should be a relaxing affair.

While department stores are not the place to go for professional tailoring, they can measure you and help you determine what size and cuts are best suited for your suits. In the era of online shopping, it is imperative to know your measurements.

By reducing the costs of owning physical stores we are able to provide you with the best affordable custom suits online. You don't have to search for suits near you when you can buy them online. How long does it take to create my suit? Check the delivery time estimation at the top of the page. Hockerty is the fastest online tailor worldwide.

Based on its composition and its internal structure, a suit requires additional care. Can you machine wash a suit? No, it needs to be taken to laundry professionals so they can apply dry washing techniques. Can I iron my suit? Yes, you can. However, the most recommended way to take care of your suit is hanging it so it naturally loses the wrinkles. You can also press your suit at home. But be careful, it needs that you know how to do it. Always with a piece of cloth in the middle, flipping it inside out or using different temperatures depending on the fabric type, among others. How often should you replace suits? A made to measure suit is thought to last. If you take care of them, depending on the usage, and your weight does not change too much, it will be a garment that you should own for many years.

The answer to all of this is to get a suit that fits you perfectly. With it, you too can achieve that forcefield of manly allure that graces the noblest of gentlemen. Here is a guide on how to achieve that look, starting with an understanding of how suits fit and culminating in the best events to show them off.

Hey all,I will be working as Investment Banking Summer Analyst at a BB in the NYC office. I was wondering where some good places to buy reasonable priced, slim fitted suits are (think $600-900 range). I bought a suit from brooks brothers last year but thought the fit was too bulky. Any suggestions?

I have posted this several times before, but go to a high-end department store (Barneys, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc.) and try on a few suits. Remember your size. Then, go to eBay and look up whichever brand fit you the best. Some brands to keep an eye on are Brioni, Canali, Zegna, Oxxford, and Hickey Freeman. You should be able to get a suit that costs $1,000+ new for a few hundred dollars slightly used. You can use this method for sports coats and blazers too.

If in Manhattan, places like Enzo Custom do MTM for, once all said in down, in the $700-800 range and for most people the suits look significantly better than off the rack. They hold up well too, IME. I would definitely do that over a brand name OTR.

For a SA, Macy's honestly works fine. Go during a big sales event and keep an eye out for coupons (they can usually be added on top of the current sales price). They sell a lot of decent slim cut 100% wool suits for IB at most BBs your daily attire will be a dress shirt and suit pants/slacks. I only wore a jacket and tie during meetings. The best full time analyst in my group doesn't wear the most expensive stuff either, so don't overthink it or feel like you need to spend a lot on clothes in order to do well. Just get a suit that is slim cut, fits properly and is made of 100% wool (so it'll be durable).

Where should I go to get an affordable suit? I know Macy's is having a sale right now on suits, but is this the best place to go? Brook Brothers or Jos. A. Bank? This suit is coming out of my wallet so I would like to spend about $500 tops. 041b061a72


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