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Scary Teacher Stone Age: A Funny Game that Combines Humor and Strategy APK

Scary Teacher Stone Age is a funny 3D simulator in which the player has to teach a lesson to a former teacher who bullied children at school. This time the whole action of the game takes place in the Stone Age! Miss T managed to find a time machine and traveled far into the past. Unfortunately, due to a malfunction in the system, the evil teacher, along with the girl, ended up in the Stone Age. The rest of the concept has not changed. Throughout the single player campaign, you have to visit Miss T and adjust various situations that will turn the life of the main antagonist into a nightmare. If you like this kind of gameplay, you can download Scary Horror Escape Room.

The user controls an excellent student who ended up with a teacher in the distant past by the will of fate. Almost immediately, you find yourself on your own. You can explore the locations and the surrounding area as you like, the main thing is not to fall into the hands of the teacher.

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In the process of exploring the locations of Scary Teacher Stone Age, you can easily make a mistake, which can lead to the failure of the passage. The teacher may catch you or you may simply run out of energy. The above energy, scattered throughout the house, restores energy, but little saves you from the antagonist.

Yes, at some stages you can find a stun gun and a gas canister that can knock out Miss T for a while. It is especially interesting that the game features Stone Age setting. Therefore, you will have new places where you can hide. The gameplay is exciting, because the user will not only make fun of the teacher, but also try not to show herself in her eyes. If she catches the prankster, then players will have to replay the level.

The plot of Scary Teacher Stone Age tells us about a teacher who allowed himself too much during school time, from insults to physical assault. You need to choose one of the available heroes and try to ruin the life of a harmful teacher. Yes, the story takes place in ancient times, where you got thanks to a malfunctioning time machine.

Miss T, the teacher, tries unsuccessfully at first to rein in her rowdy students. She reveals a time machine gadget, hoping the children will be so terrified that they will return the order to the classroom. A malfunction transports Miss T, Nick, and Tani back in time to the Stone Age, where they must learn to adapt to survive. Pranking Miss T in a cave with crude weapons and sneaky strategies will be an exciting experience for players.

Many tricks and weaponry from the Stone Age are at your disposal in Scary Teacher Stone Age. Play pranks on her in the caverns by inventing things you find, such as stones and wooden weapons. Try new strategies to tease and fool Miss T for an exciting and hilarious time.

Welcome to Scary Teacher 3D Stone Age, a thrilling simulation game that combines the excitement of prank games with the humor of funny games. Join Nick and Tani, the ultimate pranksters, as they navigate the stone age era and encounter the infamous Scary Teacher. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure game filled with cunning strategies, hilarious pranks, and endless laughter with Scary Teacher stone age.In this prank game of Scary Teacher stone age, players step into the shoes of Nick and Tani, two mischievous characters with a knack for pulling off pranks. The stone age setting adds a unique twist to the simulation gameplay, allowing players to explore a prehistoric world filled with rugged landscapes in this funny game. From towering trees to stone age villages, every detail is carefully designed in this simulation game to transport players back in time.Your objective in this prank stone age game is to outsmart the Scary Teacher, Miss T, by setting up cunning traps and puzzles throughout her funny game surroundings. Using your wit and creativity, rearrange her stone age furniture, and leave her bewildered by your funny pranks. However, beware of Scary Teacher's sharp instincts and determination to catch you red-handed in this funny prank game!With each level, the Scary Teacher stone age game challenge increases, offering a variety of prankster games that require both problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. Navigate terrains, play funny pranks and outsmart Scary Teacher to progress further. The simulation game presents thrilling obstacles and surprises, ensuring that players are constantly engaged and entertained.As you progress through this simulation prank game, you'll uncover hidden treasures and ancient artifacts, immersing yourself further into the stone age era. Unlock exciting rewards, enhancing your prank games abilities and allowing you to play even more hilarious pranks on Misty. With each successful prank in this simulation game, you'll experience the satisfaction of outsmarting the Scary Teacher stone age.Scary Teacher 3D Stone Age goes beyond solo gameplay. In this simulation game you can showcase your creative pranking skills and compete for the title of the ultimate prankster. Share your favorite funny games moments, inviting others to join in on the laughter.This prankster game is a must-have for simulation game enthusiasts, prank game lovers, and anyone seeking a good dose of humor. Its captivating storyline, immersive graphics, and challenging gameplay ensure hours of endless fun. So, grab your mobile device and embark on this hilarious stone age adventure with Nick and Tani. Get ready to prank, laugh, and escape the clutches of the Scary Teacher!

How would you feel to prank Miss T in the stone Age? Synopsis Ever wondered the early childhood of Miss T. Well she existed in stone age as well. In this metaverse addition of Scary Teacher Stone Age, we open the era of stone age. Lets figure out how ruthless Miss T was in stone age. Stone Age Era One day, Miss T was teaching her class of rowdy kids. The kids were not paying attention to her lesson. As Always she wanted to punish them and control them. Miss T opens her desk drawer and reveals her time machine device.Miss T used this device to travel in time and relive some good moments.She scared the kids to control the time and transfer them into her controlled bubbled life where she owns everything. Unfortunately, Due to malfunction miss T , Nick and Tani are teleported to stone age and are stuck there.Let's survive in stone age life. Prank Miss T with stones, wooden weapons and tease her in the caves. Foil all of her plans of teasing the kids stuck with her in the scary caves. Features : - Endless Entertainment- Play with famous Miss T- Escape the wrath of Miss T- Nick and Tani are on a mission to save other kids- Return back to current times after completing missions

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Scary Teacher Stone Age is a colorful and fun arcade simulator that has become a continuation of a series of similar games. The gamer will meet again with the evil teacher Miss T and help the guys bring her up. This time the events unfold in the Stone Age, when people were in a primitive state. But even there there is an opportunity to play a quick-tempered and nasty teacher.

No one knew that this lady had a time machine. She usually used the device to relive the best moments of her life. But this time the teacher took with her two guys who misbehaved in class. She hoped to scare the schoolchildren and make them obey. But the equipment failed, and all three were among the primitive people.

Nick and Tanya decided not to lose heart, but to continue to harass the nasty teacher. They are waiting for new unusual conditions, where there is also a place for all sorts of dirty tricks. The guys will use different improvised means that they can only find. The simulator has colorful cartoon graphics, characteristic characters, funny soundtrack and simple controls.


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