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Avril Lavigne- Stop Standing There Lyrics

The songs I would have kept for GL would be black star, Wish you were here, darlin, not enough, everybody hurts, remember when, and goodbye. Gone and Fine both would have been included as well. I also would have included the other eragon song , Won't let you go (which is currently unreleased, still). This song would have been PERFECT for GL. Lastly, I would have swapped Smile with Innocence from the best damn thing. I always felt that Innocence , which is arguably one of avril's best ballads, was oout of place on TBDT. It just seems so ridiculously out of place on that album. When you're gone already was serving as the necessary ballad for TBDT. Innocence would have made much more sense being on GL. Smile would have fit TBDT perfectly. For the sake of GL having 12 songs, either stop standing there or 4 real would have been included (and the other would be a b-side to one of the singles).

Avril Lavigne- Stop Standing There Lyrics



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