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Best Place To Buy Turtlenecks

One of the best parts about sustainable turtlenecks is that they are not only easy to use as a top, they are also perfect for layering. It is a key if you are a layering gurl, cause it can be worn underneath everything and will make your summer dress or t-shirt look even more stylish.

best place to buy turtlenecks

Organic Basics only uses the best eco-friendly materials, which means the style keep their shape and color much longer. It also makes these styles really comfortable. The brand is also using eco-materials that are sweat transparent, which can be a big plus.

Everything from its cool coats to these sustainable turtlenecks is made in harmony with nature, and only the best eco-fabrics are used. These two ethical turtlenecks are definitely not ordinary. They are perfect if you want to spice your everyday look up as well as for going out.

Fewer but better is the philosophy behind Cuyana. The design is minimalistic and exclusive, and the silhouettes timeless. These two sustainable turtlenecks can be used with a pair of jeans if you want to create a more casual look or a beautiful skirt and pair of heels for a more sophisticated look.

These two turtlenecks are perfect wardrobe essentials, that can save every clothing crisis. You can wear them with a pair of jeans or a cute skirt, but they are also perfect underneath a cute summer dress when we hit colder seasons to exchange the life of your wardrobe.

Baukjen also creates beautiful, creative, and cool designs and its sustainable turtlenecks are no exception. You could almost call these styles mood-lifting cause their creative design and bold colors can put a smile on your face on even the rainiest days.

The style may even be dead for women. In an article at The New York Times, Vanessa Friedman wonders if black turtlenecks will ever be looked at in quite the same way again after the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes.

While turtleneck sweaters have been around since the 1500s, it was only 70 years ago or so that the style achieved its status as a closet staple. This was in part due to fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, and Jackie O sporting classic black turtlenecks for media appearances. But truthfully, the rise of the turtleneck can primarily be attributed to its sneakily flattering silhouette. In fact, Tom Junod, an award-winning American journalist, once wrote in GQ that a turtleneck is the most flattering thing you can wear.

Given that fashion is ever-changing, it's no wonder that another interpretation of the style eventually emerged: the mock turtleneck. Similar in construction yet with a slightly lower neck, this variation offers a more modern approach that some may find more appealing and comfortable. Both shirt styles, however, are game-changing options that have their place in your wardrobe. Here's how they break down.

Some people swear by turtlenecks for their ease. The garment is characterized by a layer of fabric that pulls up and covers the entire neck. This layer can be folded over once or twice for a cleaner, more refined look. The average turtleneck measures anywhere from four to six inches, but can be longer depending on the sweater's size.

It should come as no surprise that turtlenecks also have a significant place in history. Sportswear became the style du jour in the early 20th century, and at the time the turtleneck was worn primarily by men. It was warm, so it made sense for athletes to wear it while practicing and playing outdoors. At the time, it was known more commonly as the "polo neck" sweater.

During the 1950s, the turtleneck took on greater importance in the mainstream world. It was even a little bit edgy, and was often associated with beatniks and artsy types who embraced a chic, nonchalant style. It was the bohemian uniform of choice, and it remained popular in fashion circles throughout the decades that followed. Later, you may remember spotting turtlenecks on Rachel on TV's Friends during the 1990s and even on the fashion runways heading into the 21st century. Although the turtleneck's popularity may have waxed and waned over the years, it is considered one of the most universal and enduring wardrobe pieces in the world.

For a more polished look that works well in professional environments, a simple turtleneck in a solid hue works best. You can wear it as a substitute for your normal top beneath a blazer for an effortlessly polished look. If you work in an environment with a relaxed dress code, a mock style is also an acceptable choice. The advantage of both tops is that they wear well with everything: your favorite curvy fit jeans, a pair of corduroy pants, a fit-and-flare skirt, and more. The options with turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks are endless. Have fun making each piece a core part of your wardrobe.

My daughter Maria has 4 FEI dressage ponies. We live in Amsterdam-Holland. And I must say that, the turtlenecks are the very best blankets money can buy, especially when the ponies are shaved. When we are at the international shows all over Europe the blankets provide a great deal of warmth and comfort. TNXS! Martin

I bought the TurtleNeck Turnout Sheet over a year ago from Dover Saddlery. It has held up admirably. My horse loves to roll in the mud and the sheet stays where it belongs. He is at pasture all the time now and I never have problems with dangling straps or unhinged clips. Recently a horse bit him very hard and really tried to inflict damage on him; the sheet protected him 100%. It really is bite-proof!! It rained for a full day nonstop and my horse was completely dry underneath when I checked him at night. The liner is excellent as well and does seem to wick moisture away if I leave it on too long during the day (the moisture of him sweating.) The only place the sweat stays on his body is on the shoulder, where there is no Coolmax liner. This is one tough top layer for sure. If you need a really solid top layer for rain, sleet or heavy wind, this sheet will do the job. If you need warmth too, either add a blanket underneath or try the Turtle Neck blanket.

Hi, I just would like to let you know how happy I am with my Mud turnout sheet, it fits my horse perfect and it is well built. I am in the blanket repair business and if all blankets were made like this I would be out of business, Thanks for making such a great blanket! This will be the only brand of blanket I will buy for now on! If you have a catalog could you please send me one, I would like to replace all my blankets for my dressage horse. Thanks Again, Penny DoBas

This blanket has been on my older horse that has been turned out in a pasture with trees and another young horse, and it still has no snags, tears, or any other blemishes. It has kept its place on his back, and has hardly needed any re-adjustments at all. I will definitely purchase another one and I recommend it to my friends.

After my horse tore up two previous blankets, I bought a Turtleneck blanket. It came through last winter without even a snag, and is already keeping him warm this winter. The replacement straps I purchased were not to replace damaged or worn out straps, I lost the old straps when I stored his blanket last year. The shipping was incredibly fast and the new straps came just in time for really cold weather here in the Midwest. THANKS!! I highly recommend your products.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to buy one of your Ice Turtlenecks at a local tack shop. It was/is one the best pieces of horse clothing that I have ever bought (and my 17.2 hand, Oldenburg feels the same way). Since then, I have given away every single other turnout coat (and believe me; there were lots of them, and many from major brand companies). I treasure the Turtlenecks that I own and hope that you never, ever stop producing such wonderful products!!

Two of my favorite tops to wear are white man tailored shirts and slim knit turtlenecks, like this one from The Gap. When turtlenecks sit close to the body they show every curve, lump and bump. I know that I make my boobs look big, but, again, I consciously make this choice.

The chunky turtleneck is like the kiss of death for a large busted woman, but a lifesaver for those who have smaller chests. Speaking for myself, I just avoid them. It would be my recommendation that all women with large chests stay away but, again, conscious choice. If you have a larger chest and want to wear one, just avoid styles that are too chunky and opt for longer styles that elongate your torso (for the same reasons as I mentioned above). This style from Boden that I am showing is probably not your best choice. However, if would be great for someone with a flat chest. I do like this turtleneck for those with short necks. This style is more of a funnel and is much lower. What you get is the look of a cozy turtleneck without all the bulk.

Thanks for this post about breaking the turtleneck rules. I too have a large chest but I also have a tendency to get cold easily and wear turtlenecks all winter long. I find all of your suggestions right on but I do have one other. Some times a bulky turtleneck worn slightly on the tight side can make my chest appear smaller. While this is a tough look to find (it has to be just the right amount of bulk, length etc), when you can find it it can work.

Fit should be one of the key considerations when buying any piece of clothing. With knitwear, and specifically turtlenecks, it can change the entire look and feel of an outfit. Like with fabric choice, there are two distinct ways you can go when it comes to fit. For smarter looks, aim for something on the slimmer end of the spectrum, whereas for a more casual feel, go for a turtleneck in a more relaxed cut. 041b061a72


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