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Grayson Baker
Grayson Baker

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Castellini, C.; Berri, Cécile; Le Bihan-Duval, Elisabeth and Martino, G.(2008)Qualitative attributes and consumer perception of organic and free-range poultry meat.World's Poultry Science Journal, pp. 500-512.

turan dursun din bu pdf free

Grandgirard, David; Oheix, S.; Lançon, L.; Liagre, F.; Dupraz, Christian; Meziere, Delphine; Poulain, J.L. and Wartelle, R.(2014)SCA0PEST, a pesticide-free agroforestry cropping system: ex-ante performance evaluation.2. European Agroforestry Conference, Cottbus, Germany.

Ion, Violeta Alexandra; Nicolau, Florin; Petre, Andrei; Bujor, Oana-Crina and Badulescu, Liliana(2020)Variation of bioactive compounds in organic Ocimum basilicum L. during freeze-drying processing.Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture., LXIV (1), pp. 397-404.


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