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Grayson Baker
Grayson Baker

[BETTER] Crack Advance Steel 2016 Activation

The results obtained confirm that the properties of the hybrid steel can be modulated by changing the blend composition. The density, hardness and apparent toughness of the blends fall between the values measured for the two base steels according to the H13/M3:2 content. The density values are in good agreement with those predicted by the linear rule of mixtures. Indeed, the hardness of the blends is slightly greater because of the modified stress field distribution in the composite material and the greater local fraction of particles in the plastically deformed steel matrix. An interesting toughening effect by the H13 particles was observed in the MM-M3:2-rich blends. The beneficial effect could be ascribed to two different contributions, namely, the crack deviation and crack arrest exerted by well-dispersed (not interconnected) H13 particles.

Crack Advance Steel 2016 Activation

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