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Grayson Baker
Grayson Baker

Massey Plugins L2007 Mastering Limiter 46

Certain meters were designed to show peaks within the digital domain, but failed to account for inter-sample peaks that could occur once digital audio is converted to analog. More modern limiter plugins have true peak operation so you know that your final output will be free of these pesky peaks.

massey plugins l2007 mastering limiter 46

While nothing is more important than sonics, metering is an essential facet of mastering. The best limiter plugins deliver visualizations of how the processor is applying gain reduction, the momentary & integrated loudness of the program material once limiting has been applied and more.

The original Pro-L and its successor helped make me a bettering mastering engineer. FabFilter plugins provide unparalleled visual feedback, and this is especially important for the precise work done using a limiter.

How many hours have we all sat staring at the GUI [graphical user interface] of our plug-ins and rarely, if never, thought about the people behind the math, form and function of these amazing applications? I had the chance to meet one of these very people a few years back. Steven Massey has worked for Digidesign and Trillium Lane Labs in the past; he is now the (so far) sole man behind his own small company, Massey Plugins. Products like the THC distortion stompbox, CT4 compressor, L2007 mastering limiter, vt3 EQ, Tape-Head saturation, TD5 analog tape delay and De:Esser are his flagship items. However, some interesting applications like Talkback (a channel mute for studio communication) and an M/S encoder/decoder also lurk on his personal website. Not only are the plug-ins easy to use, they sound great. The demo versions are free and useable forever, with no beeps or audio drops. All the purchased versions add many features (and 88.2 to 192 kHz support) at low cost.

Use the FabFilter Pro-L to make your EDM track sound loud, as it is one of the most widely-used limiter plugins due to its plentiful features, such as automatic release control, automatic threshold adjustment, and more.


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