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Grayson Baker
Grayson Baker

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Multiple Animation Layer Editing: Movement will be pivoted at the hips with the ability to adjust the pelvic floor. You will be able to add as many layers as you desire for maximum flexibility, and freely inspect all aspects of the motions for simplified management.

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Due to some function changes, some Python scripts will require an update by Python developers. We will contact Python developers in early 2022, so developers can adjust their scripts accordingly. As a developer, you have the right to decide to release your script as a free or paid update.

Bringing in Objects as Independent Accessories: Create props by importing the external sources. Every imported mesh is editable and each sub-prop can be attached/detached freely to make different combinations, as independent accessories.

Whether producing a functional crowd sim or embarking on cinematic storytelling, iClone gives the power to enliven scenes with rich character assets and provides the tools to let creators animate more freely.

Get the tools to create Omniverse-ready digital humans and character animation. Download a full evaluation trial of iClone and Character Creator to design custom characters and create character animation with ease. Learn from free video training to get started. 350c69d7ab


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