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Grayson Baker

Gay Slave BDSM

Imagine the 9 to 5 day is finally over, and you walk back home through the door. Your slave has cooked your favourite meal. Your slave reports to You to await a very kinky evening, the rest of the world forgotten.

Gay Slave BDSM

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As a slave who has come out of a 24/7 relationship and being naturally submissive, I have found that the coaching sessions with Phil have enabled me to celebrate my own uniquenesses, feel positive about myself and share these feelings openly with new friends.

Whether you are just exploring a Power Exchange relationship, or like me, an already a collared slave for 9 years, the Master/slave Course provides lots of practical advice on becoming a Master/slave.

The modules are easy to follow and can be taken at your own pace and schedule. At the same time, the exercises are really helpful regardless of experience level. I recommend the course for anyone interested in beginning or deepening a Master/slave relationship.

My husband Winston and I were married when I was twenty two and he was thirty. I told him of my submissive fantasies and he role-played with me some at the beginning of our marriage but for the most part he showed little interest in D&S or Domination. We had a good marriage but we often fought as we both tried to dominate the other when it came to who would make the decisions in our marriage. The funny thing is that we attended pre-martial counseling to avoid such conflicts and my husband told our counselor that he wanted me to be the head of our marriage. However, once we were married, he found out that he did not enjoy being submissive to me so he tried to get things his way all of the time. This caused some pretty good fights between us. I was interested in voluntary sex slavery but I also wanted to call the shots in our marriage. I guess I felt that I knew what was best and so did he.

Other than our occasional power struggles, we enjoyed a close friendship and a good marriage for the first seven years. Then about four years ago at the age of thirty-five, my husband discovered that I had been visiting sex slave sites on the Internet. My husband knows more about computers than I do and I did not realize that our browser kept a history of all the sites we visited. He knew this so he monitored what sites I was visiting.

I had told my husband about my domination fantasies when we first got married so he was not too surprised by his discovery of my web surfing habits. Unbeknownst to me, Winston began to read the sites I visited and found a few that he enjoyed as well. He started from the sites that I visited and he found others through links that lead to other sites. He became interested in the slave sites that talked about how men can use their husband's fantasies to their advantage. His favorite sites were about male chastity.

About two years ago, Winston took our relationship to the edge. He wanted ultimate control over me. He loved being the boss and he knew he never wanted to go back. Winston found a web site that sold chastity devices. On this site, it talked about making your husband into a true slave. This really excited Winston, as this is how our relationship had practically become. I was permitted to make love to my gorgeous husband using only my tongue and his toys. He was cutting my orgasms back to longer periods of denial. He started denying me for months at a time.

He was honest with me and told me that he loved dominating and controlling a man the way he was dominating and controlling me. Winston told me that he wanted to transform me from being his submissive husband into his 24/7 slave. He showed me pictures he had printed off of the chastity site of permanent chastity devices. Winston then told me that he wanted to place such a device on me. The choice was mine; I could be his husband or his slave, but not both. If I chose to be his husband, then all D&S activities would stop and we would both try to put our slavery desires aside. However, if I chose to be his slave, then he would take me as deep into submission as a man can go. I would cease being his husband and would exist to tend to his needs and desires with no right to ever question him. He gave me a week to decide but he added that if I would decide to be his slave, this decision would be the last decision he would ever allow me to make.

I could not get over how dominant he had become. He was so hot and desirable like this. I felt weak in the knees and I knew that I wanted to be his slave. If he had given me this choice a year prior, I may have chosen to remain his husband but after experiencing his dominant and controlling nature, I knew that I would not be satisfied with being anything other than his 24/7 slave. I did have one concern. I asked him, if I decided to be his slave, would I still get to be intimate with him by orally servicing his ass and cock? Winston told me that he enjoyed me being his lover and that he had no plans to end that part of our relationship. However, he told me that once I was his slave, that he had the right to change things. As long as I pleased him, he would more than likely allow me access to worship some areas of his body but it would be a reward and a privilege and not a right. He also told me that he would have the right to date other men if I were his slave. He promised me that he had no one in mind at this time but he wanted me to know that once I was his slave, it would be none of my business what he did or who he saw.

I hesitated but his matter of fact and confident way of telling me all of this excited me. I took the entire week and thought about it long and hard. At the end of the week, I went to Winston and told him that I loved him and that I decided that our relationship was best with him in charge. Therefore, I chose to be his slave. Winston smiled his approval of my decision and he made me kneel before him. He went and got a dog collar and placed it around my neck and he ordered me to humble myself by kissing his feet.

Once Winston determined that I could function in my permanent chastity device, he had some more surprises in store for me. Winston was basking in his power and control over me but he wanted that control to be total and complete. Winston had legal documents made up where all of our assets were transferred to him. Furthermore, he required that my paycheck be direct deposited into his account. Winston had found a lawyer and he took me to see him. Winston ordered me to sign the papers that gave him power of attorney over all of my affairs, legal control over all of our assets and other such things. One document stated that I agreed to our form of an alternative lifestyle and that I would never hold it against my husband legally. One of the sections in that document was my confession that it was my idea and my choice to wear a chastity device and that I wanted my husband to deny me sexual release. Another section said that I consented to my husband dating another man if he would ever so choose because it was all a part of our alternative lifestyle and thus I agreed to never hold it against him legally. The only part of the document that seemed to go in my favor was his promise to never leave me. The agreement was life-long; I would be his slave forever.

After we left the lawyers office, we went back to his friend's place where I had gotten pierced and fitted with my chastity device. Winston and his friend removed the device for the first time in over six months but they quickly reinstalled it, but this time with the breakable screws. Winston then informed me that since I was no longer his husband but his slave, my chastity would be permanent. "You will never get hard again," he said seductively while staring into my eyes. Once the device was firmly back in place, he broke off the ends of the screws and his friend filed the ends. Now the only way out would be to get the chastity device cut off medically. I have been in this device ever since and I am milked once a month for release but I am no longer able to get fully erect.

Since that day, Winston has really stepped up his dominance over me. I do all the household work now and I am only permitted to orally service him as a reward for excellent servitude. Winston makes me work hard for the right to tongue his ass and suck him off. I am in total submission to Winston. He is now my master and only my husband in a legal sense. I am whipped at least once a week for discipline and I do all the housework for him. He owns everything 100% and I am truly his slave. I sexually desire him all the time and I have become just a slave when he permits me intimacy. It has been a real challenge adjusting to this, but overall I must confess that I am happy. I love him and I feel very attached to him. He dominates me so much, but he still tells me how much he loves me and how grateful he is for me consenting to our new lifestyle all the time. We have connected in ways I never would have dreamed was possible. I'm not even allowed to sleep on his bed anymore. He had chains installed on the floor next to his bed so I am chained up tightly every time he sleeps. I would be very content for things to have stopped there. However, he wanted to go even deeper...

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